Eyes on the sky

The home stretch of California’s rainy season is upon us, and our eyes are on the sky. We’re tracking weather patterns, measuring rainfall and snowpack, and forecasting the runoff we expect to capture in our reservoirs.

Our water supply outlook won’t be final until late April, and a lot will depend on how much precipitation we receive in the coming weeks.

Last year was one of EBMUD’s wettest on record, and our reservoirs refilled after years of drought. But below-average numbers this year remind us that complacency is not an option. 

The good news is that reserves carried over from 2023 ensure we’ll have enough water through the heat of summer. And a century of data helps us chart patterns and manage water wisely. But climate change is driving bigger swings in annual rain and snow totals. So, we must have strategies for multiple water supply scenarios – including the ones that may surprise us. 

At EBMUD, we are securing a variety of water sources to hedge against the impacts of climate change. We’re improving efficiencies, investing in leak detection and repair, supporting robust conservation programs, expanding recycled water projects, and implementing new technologies to remain reliable and adaptable.

By consistently incorporating water-smart choices in our everyday lives and reducing water waste, we can all make the most of our resources. EBMUD is here to help with tips, tools and rebates. Learn more at: ebmud.com/conservation.

Our tap is tops

In 2023, your drinking water was consistently of the highest quality, surpassing every state and federal public health requirement. Come April, read EBMUD’s annual water quality report at ebmud.com/waterquality.