Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional

Commercial, industrial and institutional water savings

EBMUD offers rebates and services to help businesses save water, lower costs, and optimize landscape maintenance efficiency.

Rebates and Financing

We offer a variety financial incentives to support commercial customers: up to $15,000 for landscaping upgrades, $200 clothes washers rebates, FREE devices, a flexible customizable rebate, and on-bill financing for site specific upgrades.

Commercial Irrigation Services

  • WaterSmart On-Site Surveys
  • Water Budgets
  • Irrigation success stories
  • Commercial irrigation tips
  • Resources

Water Surveys for Businesses

Free on-site water use surveys are tailored to your business, industry, or institution to help you save water and reduce costs.

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Receive important updates on water efficiency, regional and state legislation that affects your business, easy how-to guides, and information on EBMUD services and rebates.

Water Management Tools

"My Water Report" Online Portal

Small steps can make a big difference! Sign up with your account and zip code to get water reports, track your water history, set up leak alerts, and see personalized recommendations for your business.

Share water use information (FORM)

Use this form to authorize your landscape contractor or other third party to receive account information that will help you manage your water consumption. Fill out the form online, print, sign, and mail to EBMUD.

WaterSmart Guidebook

Detailed information on water-saving technologies are available for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers, both for new designs and retrofits.

Organizations and community resources

Links to EBMUD's water conservation partners, cooperating organizations, and other key community resources.

Research and development

Comprehensive studies, reports, and information on emerging technologies and methodologies within the water efficiency field.

WaterSmart Certified Business

WaterSmart Certification Program

Over 180 local organizations are recognized for their water efficiency improvements. Learn how your property can become certified.

WaterSmart Partners

This award recognizes businesses, organizations, agencies, or individuals that have partnered with EBMUD to champion water conservation or efficiency.

WaterSmart Center

Your resource for services and incentives for home and business, publications, workshops, events and more.

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