Collection and treatment

For more than 50 years, EBMUD has helped protect public health and the San Francisco Bay with wastewater treatment and innovative pollution protection programs. The wastewater system serves approximately 740,000 people in an 88-square-mile area along the east shore of San Francisco Bay (service area map). EBMUD treats wastewater from Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Kensington, Oakland, Piedmont and part of Richmond.

Wastewater is collected from homes and businesses through privately-owned sewer laterals that feed into a network of city sewers. EBMUD's interceptors (large pipes) carry the wastewater to its wastewater treatment plant in Oakland. Stormwater is collected through a separate community-owned system.

Wastewater treatment

EBMUD operates a wastewater treatment plant that treats wastewater collected by nine East Bay cities and cleans it before discharging into San Francisco Bay. Wastewater solids are removed, treated and beneficially reused.

Tour EBMUD's Wastewater Treatment Plant

East Bay residents and students in middle and high school are invited to tour EBMUD’s Wastewater Treatment Plant in Oakland. This tour offers visitors an educational look at the importance of wastewater treatment and improving the health of the San Francisco Bay. Sign up for a tour. 

How to report odors 

We know odors can be unpleasant and we make every effort to reduce them. If you are near EBMUD's Wastewater Treatment Plant and experience an odor issue, please contact us. We will investigate the cause of the odor and take actions whenever possible.

To report odors: fill out the odor report form or call the Odor Control Hotline at 510-287-1522.

Wastewater collection

Sewers owned by local cities carry wastewater from homes and businesses in the East Bay to an interceptor sewer system and then to a treatment plant. Well-maintained sewers help protect the Bay. Find out what you are responsible for regarding maintenance of your private sewer lateral (PSL), get information about local cities and their sewer systems, and find out about EBMUD's sewer system plans.

Wastewater surveillance

EBMUD supports “wastewater-based epidemiology,” or the use of wastewater to monitor for disease and chemicals of interest to public health. EBMUD continues to collect wastewater samples for the analysis of the virus that causes covid-19 and a variety of other pathogens in collaboration with our public health partners.

Wastewater & energy

EBMUD's cutting edge wastewater energy initiatives are leading the way to energy self-sufficiency at the wastewater treatment plant.

Pollution prevention

EBMUD's Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Program helps to minimize the discharge of pollutants entering the wastewater treatment plant and San Francisco Bay from commercial and residential discharges.

Pollution prevention in schools

Reducing toxins in schools helps protect the Bay, and can reduce kids' exposure to possible health threats.

Wastewater rates, charges and fees

Permit fees, permit monitoring and testing charges, wastewater treatment rates, service charges, capacity fees, pollution prevention fees and wet weather fees can be found on this page.

Wastewater control ordinance & discharge limits

EBMUD Wastewater Control Ordinance provides legal authority for EBMUD to implement the pretreatment program. The ordinance establishes regulations and charges for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater, as well as penalties for violations.