Recycling water and energy

Wastewater EnergyEBMUD’s wastewater treatment plant is more than a treatment plant—it's a green factory. Biodegradable wastes in sewage, food scraps and grease from local restaurants, plus waste streams from wineries and poultry farms are mixed together in large tanks and “digested” by microorganisms. The biogas emitted by the microorganisms is captured and used to generate renewable energy to power the wastewater treatment plant.

In 2012, EBMUD became the first wastewater treatment plant in North America to produce more renewable energy onsite than is needed to run the facility. This monumental accomplishment was made possible when EBMUD installed an energy-efficient, low-emission gas turbine in 2011. The District sells excess renewable energy back to the electrical grid to cut fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions, and provides savings for EBMUD ratepayers. Biogas production saves EBMUD approximately $3 million each year by reducing electric power demand.

Food Scraps Recycling

EBMUD's food scraps processing facility is not just about renewable energy. Learn how this food waste program benefits the community and the environment.


Find out about EBMUD's sustainable practices for a healthier workplace, community and environment.