Bay friendly waste disposal

What you put down the drain effects the health of San Francisco Bay. Take action and stop pollution in your home or business. 

Cleaning products, flushable wipes, sanitary napkins, medicine and more are just some of the sources that can harm the San Francisco Bay. Though wastewater treatment removes many pollutants, trace amounts of some substances can persist through the treatment process, with unknown or harmful effects to the Bay. Other pollutants can clog the pipes or in the collection system, causing sewage to back up in your home, business or into streets and waterways. 

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Residential pollution prevention

Some household products should never be poured down indoor or outdoor drains. See our Residential pollution prevention page for more tips.


Commercial and Industrial Waste

Pretreatment and pollution prevention programs help industries and businesses reduce the discharge of pollutants to the community sewer and ultimately the Bay. Certain businesses and activities are required to obtain a permit or to implement best management practices to help with Bay protection


East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program

This joint effort helps protect San Francisco Bay by requiring repair of old, cracked sanitary sewer pipes. Our Private Sewer Lateral Program website has more. 


Pollution Prevention Report

EBMUD prepares an annual Pollution Prevention Report for the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The report contains information about EBMUD's wastewater pollution prevention efforts over the previous year.