The sewer system carries wastewater from homes and businesses in the East Bay communities to the treatment plant. Learn more about maintaining your private sewer lateral to protect the Bay, and about local city sewers as well as EBMUD's sewer system.

Private Sewer Laterals (responsibility of property owners)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is spearheading an effort to keep the San Francisco Bay clean by requiring EBMUD, several East Bay cities and one sewer district to fix old, cracked sewer pipes to ensure they don't allow the infiltration of rainwater which can overwhelm wastewater treatment facilities, resulting in untreated and partially treated sewage being released into the Bay. Property owners will be required to obtain a certificate indicating their private sewer laterals (PSLs) are without defects and have proper connections.

More information about the program can be found at EBMUD's PSL website

Sewer Lines (managed by cities)

EBMUD treats wastewater for nine communities in its wastewater service area. The sewer systems are owned by the local communities listed below. For information about sewers or the wastewater "collection system," contact your local agency.

City of Alameda 510-747-7400
City of Albany 510-524-9543
City of Berkeley 510-981-6300
City of Emeryville 510-596-4330
City of Oakland 510-615-5566
Piedmont 510-420-3050
Stege Sanitary District, serving
  • City of El Cerrito
  • Community of Kensington
  • Richmond Annex

Sewer system management plans

East Bay sewer system management plan

EBMUD's wastewater collection system includes 37 miles of pipelines, 15 pump stations, and five overflow structures. The Sewer System Management Plan was approved by the EBMUD Board of Directors on April 14, 2009. The components of the Sewer System Management Plan are available below. EBMUD invites input from the public on the implementation of the plan. For more information contact Eric Fukuda at or 510-287-7213.

Camanche and Pardee Recreation Area Sewer System Management Plan

This Sewer System Management Plan describes how EBMUD effectively manages operation and maintenance of sewer collection systems and the capital improvement program at Camanche and Pardee Recreation areas to reduce and prevent sanitary sewer overflows, and includes a notification flowchart for reporting spill events. The plan was approved by the EBMUD Board of Directors on July 13, 2010. The systems at these recreation areas include 20.3 miles of pipeline, 522 sewer laterals, and 11 lift stations. For more information, contact Deirdre Mena at or 510-287-1559.