Emergencies and alerts

If this is a water emergency please call
1-866-403-2683 any time.

Water emergencies may include: No water service, broken hydrants, main breaks, flooding in the street or other EBMUD water-related emergencies. Temporary water outages and traffic delays may occur when crews repair or replace a pipe or other infrastructure.

When repairs are made in your neighborhood, you may want to flush your home faucets. Once water service is restored, turn on your front hose bib – the outdoor faucet at the front of the house – until the water runs clear. Also run cold water from the faucets inside your home for 1-3 minutes until clear. Read more about what to do when EBMUD crews are in your neighborhood



During a site visit on February 12, 2019, EBMUD observed that there has been significant erosion of slide material at the toe of the existing slide along Moraga Creek in the vicinity of Augusta Drive, upstream of the Canyon Road Bridge. At this time, EBMUD has not observed slope movement that is impacting upslope homes, homes on the other side of Moraga Creek, or the Canyon Road Bridge. EBMUD is continuing to monitor the slide.