The East Bay is in drought: Save Water  

  • Despite recent rains, EBMUD is still in drought. We ask all customers to please save water. Remember to turn off outdoor irrigation for the season
  • Thirsty for more drought information? Watch our webinars on drought at ebmud.com/waterwednesday.


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Latest Drought News

EBMUD is now in Stage 1 Drought: Voluntary 10% Demand Reduction

EBMUD Board of Directors declares drought

April 27, 2021 - Drought conditions prompt the need for conservation and extra water supplies, based on projections that water runoff will fall below what is needed to refill EBMUD reservoirs this year. Read more.

Update: How much water do we have?

EBMUD relies on snowmelt and runoff from the Sierra Nevada for most of its supply. As of August 1, the reservoirs in the Mokelumne River watershed are 57 percent full. Get the latest on water supply.   Read more.

Outdoor watering rules remain in place

There are no changes at the moment to our outdoor watering rules, which remain in effect permanently. As always, repair leaks immediately, eliminate runoff from watering, use recirculating water for fountains (Review Rules). If you see an issue, you can Report Water Waste Here.

Recycled water truck program

EBMUD provides a recycled water truck program for commercial and municipal customers. Due to safety and access concerns, we cannot provide a recycled water fill station for residential customers at this time. 

What is EBMUD doing?

In 1976-77, East Bay residents and the East Bay economy felt the pain of severe mandatory water rationing. To limit future hardship, EBMUD has since invested nearly $1 billion to diversify and increase water supplies. 

EBMUD is taking action to address the current drought situation:

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Buying supplemental water supplies

Starting in August, EBMUD may purchase up to 58,000 acre feet of water from the Sacramento River delivered through the Freeport Regional Water Facility. Read more.


Finding and fixing our own leaks

EBMUD is working to reduce leaks and water loss from our system using innovative techniques, but main breaks still occur as a normal part of operating a large water supply system. Help by reporting main breaks.

Investing in water conservation

It is more cost effective to save water than it is to build and operate additional infrastructure. EBMUD is stretching our water supply by investing in water-efficiency strategies and conservation programs. Read more.

Planning ahead for the future

EBMUD has evaluated 2020-2050 projections for water supply and demand and outlined actions to deal with future uncertainties. EBMUD has also created a water shortage plan for multi-year drought periods. Read more.

What can EBMUD customers do?

EBMUD is asking customers to begin voluntary conservation to save water supplies now, in case the drought continues next year. Get started with the suggestions below.


Water early in the morning, no more than 3x/week

Water your landscape at dawn to reduce evaporation, update your controller with the seasons, and eliminate runoff.  Read more.


Look for leaks

Toilets and irrigation leaks are to blame for most high bills, and they often go undetected. Start your leak investigation here

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Make your yard drought-ready

Invest in long-term drought resilience by swapping out thirsty plants and updating inefficient irrigation equipment. Read more.

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Update inefficient indoor fixtures

Your faucets and showerheads might be wasting water. Find out if they need updating using our free Home Survey Kit.

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Estimate your home efficiency

Understand how and where you use water at home.  This calculator can help you explore the factors that contribute to your total home water use. Try it.

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Explore your actual water use 

Log in to see your own water consumption history, set up high use alerts, investigate high bills, and explore additional ways to save. Read more.

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