Dollars and sense

Update: New budget and rates adopted for FY2022 & FY2023

At public hearing on June 8, the EBMUD Board of Directors adopted a two-year, $2.25 billion budget that will pay for critical improvements to the water and wastewater systems essential to supporting the community and protecting public health not just during the COVID-19 pandemic but every day. The Board voted 7-0 to adopt the water and wastewater rates. Learn more.  

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The pandemic has underscored the importance of EBMUD’s role in safeguarding public health with every hand wash and every flush. EBMUD, a not-for-profit public agency, supports your East Bay water and wastewater systems with a budget and rates designed to protect public health and infrastructure.

CP MJ21 Bill Breakdown Chart Image Adopted 250x225As part of EBMUD’s two-year rate plan, the District is proposing rate increases of 4% for water service and 4% for wastewater service in the first year and an additional 4% for each service in the second year. If approved, the rates would take effect July 1, 2021 (Fiscal Year 2022) and July 1, 2022 (Fiscal Year 2023), respectively. To explain the proposed rates, EBMUD has mailed a Proposition 218 notice to property owners and customers in the EBMUD service area. The EBMUD Board of Directors will consider the proposed rates at a public hearing on June 8, 2021 at 1:15 p.m. For updates and details on the budget process, visit

Eyes on water supplies

EBMUD continuously monitors water supplies and plans for dry times. After two exceptionally dry California winters, EBMUD is tracking the remaining rainy season in the Mokelumne River watershed and local watersheds. To stay updated on our water status, visit

Get help with your EBMUD bill

EBMUD offers a Customer Assistance Program (CAP). If you qualify, the CAP program can reduce your water bill by up to 50% and your wastewater bill by up to 35%. Learn more at