Your Rate Dollars at Work

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Your water rate dollar at work

EBMUD provides high-quality drinking water for 1.4 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

  • 56 cents: Infrastructure improvements -- pipelines, reservoirs, treatment plants, pumping plants
  • 28 cents: Water service -- storage, treatment, delivery, system maintenance
  • 7 cents: Administration -- internal support services
  • 4 cents: Customer service -- call center, education, water conservation, billing, collection
  • 3 cents: Natural resource management -- public recreation, watershed management, fisheries program
  • 2 cents: Regulatory compliance -- ensures all drinking water standards are met or surpassed

$1 total

Your wastewater rate dollar at work

EBMUD treats approximately 56 million gallons of wastewater daily for 740,000 customers along San Francisco Bay, protecting public health and the environment.

  • 42 cents: Infrastructure improvements -- wastewater treatment plant facilities, sewer interceptors
  • 37 cents: Wastewater treatment -- operations and maintenance of main treatment plant and wet weather facilities
  • 12 cents: Environmental/regulatory compliance -- pollution prevention, water quality lab, inflow/infiltration control
  • 7 cents: Administration -- internal support services
  • 2 cents: Customer service -- call center, education, billing, collection

$1 total