The 16th Mile

The 16th Mile

EBMUD has always emphasized the essential need to invest wisely in our infrastructure. Over the years, we have taken care of the system that we all depend on for every sip of water in the East Bay. But we have an aging system of pipes.

To get ahead of the rate at which pipes break, EBMUD is committed to increasing our pipe replacement rate from a historical average of 10 miles per year to 40 miles per year. Emergency main breaks are expensive to repair and inconvenient for our customers. Proactively replacing more pipe is an ambitious goal that requires us to take a new look at how we do our work.

In January 2016, we rolled out a new program to examine how to get more pipe in the ground. Thanks to new, reliable materials and creative methods of working, after a full fiscal year, we are proud to say that we installed 160 percent more pipe than our historical average. We were shooting for 15 miles (up from the historic 10) and got to 16.

These new pipes will improve our system and will last for generations. And, as with every major undertaking, it’s important to recognize accomplishments big and small and recognize those who helped us get there.

Thank you, EBMUD customers, for your support. Without your steadfast resolve to invest in this system, we couldn’t have exceeded our goal.