Business Classification Code (BCC)

Business Classification Codes (BCCs) are assigned to all residential and non-residential customers of EBMUD's wastewater system. The BCC corresponds to the type of business or residence and the strength of the wastewater discharged (see below). Treatment charges for residential and many non-residential customers are determined from the BCC. Some non-residential customers are required to have a permit for EBMUD to monitor their wastewater discharge. These permits are issued through EBMUD's permit program. Treatment charges for permitted accounts are calculated in the permitting process.

BCC's with corresponding rates and assigned strength values may be viewed on the wastewater rates, charges, and fees page.

Wastewater Strength

Wastewater strength is used by EBMUD to determine the cost of treating the wastewater at the EBMUD wastewater treatment plant, before discharge into the San Francisco Bay. EBMUD tests wastewater discharges for two parameters to determine the wastewater's strength: Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Chemical Oxygen Demand, Filtered (CODF). TSS provides a measurement of the amount of solids in wastewater. CODF provides a measurement of the oxygen required to treat the wastewater after the TSS is removed.