Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

Current RFPs

The East Bay Municipal Utility District requests a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms interested in competing for placement on the EEO Investigations, Related Services, and Mediations Consultant Roster (EEO CR).
EBMUD is soliciting proposals for the planning and implementation of studies to better characterize the dynamics and water quality of Pardee Reservoir and Briones Reservoir, as well as the subsequent preliminary 10% design of East Bay Municipal Utility District (District)-approved operational, capital, and watershed management improvements to respond to current and emerging water quality threats to the reservoirs.
The District has approximately 32 generators throughout it's service area that requires an annual preventative maintenance program. As part of the maintenance program, the selected contractor will be required to perform routine maintenance, load bank testing and oil analysis, etc., for each generator.
EBMUD is seeking a qualified contractor to provide professional services toward an employee feedback program that will record, assess, and monitor the quality of employee engagement and workplace climate. Feedback data will inform the development of programs for continuous improvement of a healthy work culture for all EBMUD employees. The contractor will support the development of survey questions, survey data analysis, reporting, project planning, communication, and action planning.
East Bay Municipal Utility District is seeking a qualified contractor to frame and pour reinforced concrete abutments and associated structures for the Two Dog Bridge Project. The contractor will be responsible for framing and pouring the abutments, associated footings and wing walls at the project site on Kaiser Creek on EBMUD's Upper San Leandro watershed.