Water play

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It's EBMUD’s 100th Birthday!

When you turn on the tap, that water comes from the Sierra Nevada. EBMUD delivers this clean, crisp mountain water to 1.4 million people living in 46 cities and towns in the East Bay. We make sure every drop is delicious, and when water goes down your drain, we remove the dirty stuff to protect the environment and the San Francisco Bay. 

Water-Saving Tip

We use a lot of precious water every day, and we don’t want to waste it. One way to save is to sing a favorite five-minute song in the shower. When the song is over, your shower should be too!

Kids Activity Page

For trivia questions to test your EBMUD water knowledge, a word search for essential water words, a coloring opportunity and a riddle, please click on the image below for a printable PDF.

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Learn more about EBMUD and your water at ebmud.com/education.