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What would you give for a hot shower, clean hands, or a tall glass of water? What would you give for a clean kitchen or fresh water to brush your teeth? If you could turn on the faucet for another, would you?

As a public water supplier and integral member of the Bay Area community, EBMUD is committed to providing continued access to safe, clean water at reasonable rates. Although the San Francisco Bay Area is in a time of strong economic growth, some people struggle to pay for necessities, such as water. Through our Customer Assistance Program, EBMUD provides discounts on water bills for qualified customers. Unfortunately, sometimes that aid isn’t enough.

So EBMUD created Water Lifeline.

The Value of Water

It takes:
19 gallons to grow one apple
1,230 gallons to yield one steak
2,110 gallons to make one pair of shoes

For every:
One job in the water industry 3.68 jobs are added to the economy
One dollar invested in infrastructure $6 in returns are generated

The Water Lifeline program began as an EBMUD employee donation campaign: a way for EBMUD employees to directly and immediately help the community we serve. Now, EBMUD has partnered with two great Bay Area charities — St. Vincent De Paul of Alameda County and Catholic Charities of Contra Costa County — to connect Water Lifeline with 
the public.

Through Water Lifeline, you can now make a tax-deductible donation through these charities to cover a CAP customer’s outstanding bill and avoid a shutoff. The charities also assist these customers to budget for these bills in the future.

Keeping a nearly century-old water and wastewater system in top condition takes significant investment and strong financial management. EBMUD knows firsthand how important it is to balance finances as we work to keep our rates as low as possible.

At home, we know that you, too, are working hard to manage your finances. To learn if you qualify for the EBMUD Customer Assistance Program visit To make a donation to help others, go to

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