Everything but the kitchen sink

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EBMUD salutes all the chefs out there baking, roasting and frying away, but we also want to share with you a recipe that could spell disaster in your home. We’re talking about clogged drains that could lead to sewage backups.

Fats, oils, grease, meat drippings, lard, shortening, and all other greasy foods stick to your home’s plumbing the same way they stick to your ribs. And while the human body can burn the calories with exercise, drains get more congested as water causes the grease to harden inside each pipe — even if the water is warm and soapy. Too much can cause a major plumbing problem that is sure to spoil your holiday cheer, and can even cause problems for our wastewater treatment facilities that protect the San Francisco Bay.

During the holidays and year-round, remember to scrape the fat off your pan and toss it in the compost or garbage bin. You can use a paper towel, or order a free plate scraper at ebmud.com/store/water-conservation/plate-scraper.

Got a lot of fat? Take your large loads of grease and oil to a residential cooking oil drop-off location near you. Visit ebmud.com/cleanbay for more information.

Remember, your plate can be piled high with all the fixings, but your kitchen drain should keep a fat-free diet year round.