It’s Smart Irrigation Month


This summer, water your landscape like a pro and make best use of our shared precious resource by avoiding these common mistakes:

Mistake 1 Watering shrubs and trees with that old sprinkler system can waste water by spraying everywhere.
Quick Fix Switch out sprinklers with drip irrigation for your garden. Learn more about EBMUD’s drip irrigation rebates at

Mistake 2 Overwatering lawns, too often, too fast.
Quick Fix Never water a lawn for 15 consecutive minutes at a time. Instead, run spray irrigation in three, 5-minute sessions, especially if there’s a slope. This allows water to soak into the soil and reduces runoff.

Mistake 3 Watering too much and too often, resulting in shallow roots and weed growth.
Quick Fix Water deeper, but less often, to encourage roots to grow down. They’ll need less water in the future.

Mistake 4 Watering the same amount every month.
Quick Fix Adjust your watering schedule according to the seasons. When days are long and hot, plants need the most water. As days shorten and cool, plants need less water. Leave the number of minutes you irrigate the same for both spray and drip irrigation, but add or subtract days per week as the seasons change. Remember to reset your irrigation controller after a power outage.

July/August watering schedule

Watering Schedule 06 2017