Slow but steady start to salmon run


During droughts, both people and fish have less water available than they’re used to having. Last year we preserved as much cold water as possible in our Sierra reservoirs for release during the fall salmon run in the Mokelumne River.

Thanks to your continued conservation and recent pulse flows of that stored cold water, the river is seeing a healthy salmon run this year. Pulse flows are waves of water that guide fish home.

This year’s fall salmon run on the Mokelumne had a late start with the first salmon spotted swimming upstream in mid-October, weeks later than usual. Counts were strong through early winter.

Because of the way we managed water flows this year for the salmon, you may have noticed changes to your tap water’s taste and smell. On behalf of the Mokelumne River, thank you for conserving and for your patience during this severe drought as we managed our water supply for people and fish.