Count those gallons


You roll out of bed, take a leisurely shower, brush your teeth, make coffee, load the laundry and boom! Just like that, you’ve blasted through so much water… and it’s only 10 am.

Instead, strive to use 35 gallons per day indoors for each person in your household.

Meeting this goal is a challenge because the average East Bay resident uses about 55 gallons per day indoors.

What can you do today?35 gallons a day

  • Phase out water-guzzling washing machines and dishwashers and opt for new, water-efficient models. Take advantage of a $150 rebate offered by EBMUD and PG&E for high-efficiency clothes washers, which will make saving water easier. Visit
  • Swap your older toilet with one that uses less than 1.3 gallons per flush. Older models can use 3.5 gallons per flush or more. Look for a label near the toilet seat hinge to learn how much water is used per flush.
  • Take shorter showers with an 8-minute playlist of your favorite songs.
  • Attach an aerator to your faucet head. Aerators force air into the water stream and increase pressure so you use less water. Get one for free after completing a home survey kit available at