Emergency preparedness

If this is a water emergency please call
1-866-403-2683 any time.

Water emergencies may include open hydrants, main breaks, or other EBMUD water-related emergencies.

Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared for Fire and other DangersThe San Francisco Bay Area has more ground movement than any other urban area in the United States. Reliable water supplies are essential to our daily lives. Though EBMUD continuously works to protect public health and safety by strengthening facilities and practicing strategies for a quick recovery, a major disaster can temporarily disrupt water and sewer services. You could experience a variety of hazards ranging from the most severe - a major regional earthquake - to localized landslides, flooding and wildfires. 

EBMUD recommends customers take some simple steps to be prepared for an emergency:

  • store water
  • build an emergency kit
  • make a plan
  • stay informed

Quake-Related Web Pages

Visit the sites below for more information that may interest you and be useful in the event of an emergency:

Links to Emergency Preparedness Information

EBMUD Prepares

EBMUD is internationally recognized for its proactive seismic improvements of facilities in its service area, as well as stregthening vulnerable portions of aqueducts, dams and Sierra reservoirs. The District also works closely with other agencies on emergency responses planning and hazard mitigation.

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