Water budgets for commercial landscapes

What is a water budget?

Water budgets are tools that inform commercial, large-landscape customers about how efficiently water is being used in their landscape.

An irrigation budget is based on the amount of a customer's irrigated area plus weather data specific to their locations. Weather data is gathered using a statewide network of automated weather stations.

The water budget program is free to customers with meters that serve irrigation exclusively. Typically, irrigation-only customers include homeowners associations, parks, golf courses, cities, counties, and businesses.

Benefits of a water budget

Like a financial budget, a water budget helps customers make the best of the resources they have. A water budget:

  • Identifies the amount of irrigated area on the meter.
  • Compares actual water consumption to the water budget goals.
  • Helps customers become aware of leaks quickly.
  • Improves irrigation water management.
  • Lowers water bills.
  • Helps maintain a healthy landscape.

Daily water budget reports can now be generated and consumption and budget data can be queried and automatically emailed to customers.

More information

To add an account (meter) to the water budget program, update an existing account, or for general information, contact EBMUD Water Conservation.

Phone: 510-287-1900
email waterconservation@ebmud.com