Oursan Ridge Conservation Bank

The Oursan Ridge Conservation Bank (ORCB) encompasses 430 acres of pristine watershed lands owned by East Bay Municipal Utility District located approximately 3 miles southeast of Pinole, CA. EBMUD is the Bank Sponsor and the entity operating the Oursan Ridge Conservation Bank.

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ORCB was approved by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in January 2017 to offer habitat credits for the California red-legged frog (Rana aurora draytonii) and the Alameda whipsnake (Masticophis lateralis euryxanthus).

The sale of conservation credits will help support the continued protection of species that are Threatened and Endangered and also aid the preservation of East Bay watershed lands.

”A conservation or mitigation bank is privately or publicly owned land managed for its natural resource values. In exchange for permanently protecting, managing, and monitoring the land, the bank sponsor [EBMUD] is allowed to sell or transfer habitat credits to permitees who need to satisfy legal requirements and compensate for the environmental impacts of developmental projects.” (California Department of Fish and Wildlife).  

The California red-legged frog currently is federally-listed as Threatened and identified by the state as a Species of Special Concern. The Alameda whipsnake is both federally- and state-listed as Threatened.


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