Conservation culture

Cultivating a conservation culture

In California, we know how to save water. During the most recent drought, our East Bay community stepped up when we needed it most and helped our supplies go further. Thank you!

Let’s keep up the good work. Last winter’s rain and snow provided welcome relief, but climate change will continue to intensify the swings between drought and deluge. Creating a water conservation culture means engaging in everyday actions around our homes and yards that make a big difference today and tomorrow, rain or shine.

Here are our top water conservation tips this summer:

  1. Talk about conservation at home and collectively develop water conservation habits. Does your child tell you to shut off the water while brushing your teeth or does your teenager have a 5-minute shower playlist? Changing habits is the easiest way to save water.
  2. Make it a regular practice to check for indoor and outdoor leaks. The most common household leaks are in toilets and irrigation systems. Install a flowmeter that can help catch leaks early.
  3. Replace inefficient appliances and plumbing fixtures. Look for the WaterSense label on showerheads, faucets and toilets to help identify models that save water and perform well.
  4. Transform your yard into a water-wise garden with efficient irrigation and climate-appropriate plants. Water-wise gardens can sequester carbon and support birds and pollinators.

EBMUD is preparing for the future by diversifying our  supplies, enhancing our own conservation practices, and making more recycled water available for irrigation and industrial cooling. Let’s celebrate our savings and keep cultivating a water conservation culture together. EBMUD is here to help with rebates and tips at

EBMUD has been providing safe, reliable, affordable water for a century. To meet the challenges ahead, we’re investing $2.8 billion over the next five years to upgrade aging infrastructure and ensure our system remains resilient and sustainable. New rates take effect July 1. Visit