Healthy environment

Clean water begins with a healthy environment

You know EBMUD supplies high-quality drinking water and treats wastewater. But providing these services to East Bay communities requires an even broader mission. EBMUD is entrusted with responsibly managing the land and natural resources in our care for today’s customers and future generations. At its core, EBMUD is an environmental and public health agency.

One example of our environmental stewardship is found on the Mokelumne River, where EBMUD supports one of the West Coast’s most successful Chinook salmon fisheries. In collaboration with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, our habitat restoration efforts below EBMUD’s Camanche Dam have sustained a healthy ecosystem and robust salmon returns. While accounting for just 2.5 percent of the freshwater flow to the San Joaquin Delta, the Mokelumne supports as much as 51 percent of the commercial salmon catch for the entire state of California.

Watershed management in the East Bay also seeks a balance between our water supply needs and the health of local fish and wildlife. To support a unique population of rainbow trout in Upper San Leandro Reservoir, for example, EBMUD is enhancing fish passage and removing impediments to upstream migration on tributary creeks to improve access to critical spawning habitat.

For 100 years, from the Sierra Nevada to the San Francisco Bay, EBMUD has protected the watersheds and rivers that supply clean water for our community. Our region’s prosperity and public health depend on it. As EBMUD begins its second century of service, our commitment to environmental stewardship remains at the center of everything we do.

EBMUD drinking water meets or exceeds every state and federal requirement that safeguards public health. 
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