Centennial celebration

"Centennial celebration" "image showing a strip of six square images representing the different aspects of the District that engage with the public, with a birthday cake in the background"

It’s time for birthday cake! EBMUD turns 100 years old this month, and we’re ready to celebrate!

Let’s raise a glass to our employees who operate and improve our systems, day and night, through sunny skies and storms, as well as to the workers of the past who built the essential water and wastewater systems we still rely on today.

When local residents established the East Bay Municipal Utility District on May 22, 1923, they set in motion the development of a safe and reliable public water supply to meet both their immediate needs and those of future generations. Yet even with those aspirations, no one living here 100 years ago could have envisioned the East Bay of 2023.

Our vibrant and diverse community has more than tripled in population. It has evolved into a center of industry, innovation, education and culture. It offers incredible beauty in its people and landscape, with easy access to nature and outdoor recreation. 

As your neighbors, EBMUD is proud of our vital role at the heart of our community. We remain committed to providing fresh and reliable water and protecting public health today and tomorrow. We are thankful for the trust you place in EBMUD to protect the environment and manage the natural resources that sustain us. 

Let’s commemorate the many ways clean water is part of our lives. Here’s to 100 years of baby bubble baths and family pasta nights. Of shared open spaces and beautiful garden blooms. Of thriving streams and fresh sea breezes off a healthy bay. Here’s to 100 years of looking forward together.

We’re brewing up lots of surprises to celebrate. Learn more about EBMUD history, upcoming community events and partnerships at ebmud.com/centennial.