Your dollars at work

As EBMUD marks its 99th birthday, we continue to invest in the safe and reliable water and wastewater services the East Bay depends on every day.

We are upgrading our water treatment plants so they can purify water from alternative sources in the face of climate change. We’re rehabilitating aging pipelines to minimize leaks and maximize reliability. We’re replacing neighborhood storage tanks to keep treated water fresher longer. And we’re investing more in recycled water programs.

To fund these necessary infrastructure improvements, EBMUD’s 2-year budget includes a rate increase of 4 percent for water service and 4 percent for wastewater service. This increase was approved in June 2021 and took effect on July 1, 2022. The change increases an average customer’s bill by $2.66 a month, or $5.32 per bimonthly bill.

Separately, to help offset the purchase of supplemental water supplies, EBMUD approved a temporary 8 percent drought surcharge as part of its declaration of a Stage 2 drought. It will be applied to customers’ flow charges on the volume of water used.

For an average single-family home using 200 gallons of water per day, that translates to about 10 cents a day. The surcharge will remain in place until the drought emergency declaration is lifted and is expected to recover approximately half of the estimated $64.5 million needed to manage the drought this year. EBMUD will pay for the remaining drought expenses, and the cost of bringing in extra supplies this past year, with reserves.

Rest assured, EBMUD manages ratepayer funds responsibly and transparently. On May 6, Moody’s Investors Service bestowed its highest bond rating upon EBMUD, making us the only water utility in California to receive this top assessment. Moody’s recognizes EBMUD is a leader in ensuring safe and reliable water supplies while maintaining long-term financial stability, despite the challenges of a statewide drought and the COVID-19 pandemic.

EBMUD has been serving the East Bay for nearly a century and remains committed to responsible financial stewardship now and into the future.