Make it count in the drought

Summer is here, and hot weather means more water use. But in this deepening drought, every gallon counts. About 28 percent of residential water is used outdoors, so that’s the place to look for savings.

Follow EBMUD’s lead and embrace drought-tolerant landscaping and the wise use of technology. We offer rebates to replace thirsty turf with watersmart plants, and to install efficient drip irrigation systems and smart controllers to keep your plants healthy without water waste. We offer coupons for mulch to help your garden retain soil moisture and we will even pay up to half the cost of a flowmeter to track your water use and alert you to leaks, indoors and out.

8 Ways to Save

  • Limit irrigation to 3 days a week between dusk and dawn and shorten watering times.
  • Fix your leaks Inspect irrigation lines, especially if they run on timers when you aren’t watching.
  • Avoid runoff Check that sprinklers water your plants, not patios, sidewalks, or streets.
  • Nozzle your hose Trigger nozzles reduce water waste.
  • Grab a broom Using water to wash driveways and sidewalks is prohibited.
  • Bucket brigade Catch cold water from your shower and give it to a garden or potted plants.
  • Max the mulch Maintain 2-4 inches to retain soil moisture and control weeds.
  • Go golden It’s OK if your lawn takes on summer highlights.

We're saving alongside you EBMUD employs a variety of technologies to detect and repair leaks in our distribution system. Our elevated drought response mandates 10 percent conservation District-wide, tightened restrictions on outdoor water use, and reinstatement of the Excessive Use Penalty Ordinance for high-volume customers. Learn more at