Always here for you


When Covid-19 emerged, no one could have predicted the countless ways our world would change or how long we’d face this challenge. Two years into the pandemic, few things are as they were before. But at EBMUD, we’ve shown up every day to keep the water running and treat wastewater before releasing it to San Francisco Bay. You’ve counted on us, and our commitment to you remains as steadfast as ever.


The spread of Covid-19 underscored EBMUD’s role in safeguarding public health with each hand wash and every flush. We activated our Emergency Operations Team, monitored our supply chain, and adjusted protocols to keep our employees safe, even on the front lines. And all the while, we’ve forged ahead to maintain and upgrade the aging infrastructure we all rely on.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s the way we work. Every EBMUD employee is dedicated to providing safe, reliable water and wastewater services, no matter what. We have improved the backbone pipes of our system so we can respond if an earthquake strikes. When droughts take hold, we secure extra water sources, mobilize community conservation and continue to harness recycled water. During storms, we’re on guard to protect San Francisco Bay from untreated wastewater. And when fire danger arises, we work through public safety power shutoffs to ensure the water never stops flowing and wastewater is continually treated.

It takes a team of dedicated employees to provide dependable service, and that is our commitment to you. We will work through every emergency to serve you, come what may.


Check out EBMUD’s multi-media Biennial Report for Fiscal Years 2020-21, “On the Front Lines: A Report to our Community.” Visit