Not another drop needed

Not another drop needed

Paredee_Spill_3.jpgSo much rain! Following the longest dry period on record, this could very well be the wettest rainy season in our history. We don’t need another drop of rain or another snowflake in the mountains because our reservoirs are now completely full, and then some.

Dams serve an important function in water delivery: they store precious drinking water. They also help manage floods in wet years like this, and enable us to generate clean, green hydroelectric power.

As we shift our daily operations from managing a water shortage to managing floods, we want to assure you that our dams and reservoirs are safe.

We inspect our dams, their spillways and related facilities annually, monthly or even daily when warranted. Experts look for anomalies such as cracks, settlement and seepage. They review the integrity of all structures and check pressures inside the dam, read state-of-the-art geotechnical instruments and also check pressures and elevations of some dams remotely, a valuable tool here in earthquake country. The results show that these critical components of our water system are sound and protect the public.

The engineering community continually strives to deepen knowledge of the latest developments in geotechnical, structural and earthquake engineering. EBMUD and dam regulators work together to evaluate the safety of our dams, using the most current analysis methods to perform needed upgrades. The spillway at Pardee Dam has been upgraded twice; San Pablo Dam in El Sobrante has been retrofitted three times (most recently in 2010); and Chabot Dam in San Leandro is being seismically upgraded now.

While we adjust to this new day in water supply, EBMUD asks you to consider what you experienced in the past four years. Now that we are out of a drought, it’s the right time to prepare for the next one. And one thing is for certain—droughts and floods are a part of California’s DNA.

Thank you for being a conscientious water user. From pulling out lawns and replacing with water-wise plants, to watering the smart way and fixing leaks indoors, your actions are our strengths. Visit to learn more ways to make lasting changes to the way you use water.