Fontaine PP Replacement Project

Fontaine Pumping Plant Replacement ProjectEBMUD is planning to construct a new pumping plant at the intersection of 96th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland to replace the existing Fontaine Pumping Plant (PP) located at 8445 Ney Avenue in Oakland. The Fontaine PP is a critical pumping plant that provides drinking water to customers in parts of Oakland, Castro Valley, Hayward, and San Leandro. The existing Fontaine PP has reached the end of its service life and is located on an active landslide near the Hayward Fault. As such, the existing Fontaine PP and associated pipelines are susceptible to damage by a landslide or earthquake. To improve the reliability of water service to EBMUD’s customers, the Fontaine PP will be replaced at the new site and connected to the distribution system with 4,750 feet of 30-inch pipeline in 96th Avenue, MacArthur Boulevard, and 99th Avenue. The new pumping plant will have the same capacity as the existing pumping plant.


A virtual community meeting was held on June 23, 2020 and is available to view at EBMUD staff presented alternative architectural and landscape plans for the new site and receive input. The powerpoint presentation is below and the comment period ended on July 31, 2020. 

A second community meeting is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2021.


Project email:

Laura Luong, Community Affairs Representative
Phone: 510-287-0140

Contractors: For bid opportunities on EBMUD projects, see Business Center.

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