EBMUD Redistricting FAQS

Redistricting is the once-a-decade process of redrawing the political boundaries for elective offices after the U.S. Census. Every ten years, EBMUD ward boundaries must be redrawn so that each ward is substantially equal in population. This process is important in ensuring that each director represents about the same number of people. Final census data is expected to be released by September 30, 2021.  

The EBMUD Board selected an Ad Hoc Committee in May 2021 comprised of three directors to determine the redistricting guidelines and criteria as well as public outreach activities. The Committee will meet to review and comment on possible changes to ward boundaries based on census data. The Committee will present a final plan to the Board of Directors for consideration in early 2022. The final plan will be used to prepare the legal ward boundaries and ward map to submit to Alameda and Contra Costa counties for the November 2022 elections.

  • Establish an ad hoc committee comprised of three board members appointed by the Board of Directors to hold public meetings regarding the District’s redistricting options. At least one public meeting of the ad hoc committee shall be held East of Hills for public review and comment on options for redistricting. The ad hoc committee shall hold at least two public meetings prior to the first public hearing to be held by the Board of Directors to consider the proposal for redistricting.
  • The ad hoc committee will propose alternative redistricting plans, which reflect the total and eligible voting populations, racial and ethnic composition, and maps delineating District, city, and county boundaries, to the extent this information is available. Options for redistricting plans shall be made available to the public at least 14 days prior to the first public hearing held by the Board of Directors to consider the proposal for redistricting.   
  • Documentation of the proposed redistricting plan to be adopted by the Board shall be made available to the public 14 days prior to the scheduled public hearing on the vote on the final configuration.
  • No substantive amendments to the alternative plans or the final plan may occur during the 14-day review period prior to the final vote on the ultimate redistricting configuration.
  • The Board of Directors will hold at least one public hearing to consider the proposal for redistricting prior to taking action on the boundaries.   
  • The Board of Directors will hold at least one public hearing to take final action on the ward boundaries.

Information will be available on the redistricting webpage, EBMUD’s social media platforms (NextDoor and Twitter), noticed in newspapers of general circulation, and ads in other publications.

Members of the public are encouraged to share their views about EBMUD’s redistricting efforts at any of the public meetings or hearings. Redistricting meetings and hearings will be held between October 2021 and March 2022.

The Redistricting schedule for meeting and hearing dates are available here.

Submit comments or written information (e.g. draft maps, community(ies) of interest)

Review information on ebmud.com/redistricting

Look for posts on EBMUD’s NextDoor pages and Twitter feed

Once submitted, information from the public is considered a public record and may be posted on EBMUD’s website and filed with the District. Your personal information will not be posted on the website.  

State law defines a “community of interest” as “a population that shares common social or economic, geographic, or cultural interests. Communities of interest do not include relationships with political parties, incumbents, or political candidates.”

One of the guidelines for drawing district boundaries is to learn about communities of interest to the extent practicable, to try to keep communities of interest together in a district.

Example of Communities of Interest

  • Urban and rural interests
  •  Housing patterns and living conditions (urban, suburban, rural)
  • Cultural, religious, and language characteristics
  • Communication and transportation networks
  • Transportation hubs / centers
  • School districts / attendance areas
  • Income levels
  • Educational backgrounds
  • Age demographics, household size / family size
  • Group quarters, housing owners vs. renters
  • Policy issues (concerns about crime, education, etc.)
  • Employment and economic patterns (How are community residents employed? What is the economic base of the community?)
  • Health and environmental conditions
  • Work opportunities
  • Social interests
  • Community centers
  • Parks / dog parks
  • Media markets
  • Occupations and lifestyles
  • Email written comments or other materials to SecOffice@ebmud.com
  • Call (510) 287-0404, Monday-Friday, 8AM - 4:30PM
  • For media inquiries please call Public Information at 510-287-0138, Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM. For urgent media inquiries on weekends, holidays or non-business hours, call 866-403-2683 and a standby public information representative will return your call.

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If language or other accommodations are needed for a public hearing or meeting, please email SecOffice@ebmud.com at least 72 hours in advance of each of the scheduled public meetings or hearings.  

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