A water-wise way of life

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EBMUD’s water supply is in good shape this year as snowmelt from last winter’s storms topped off Pardee Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada foothills. But we know another drought could be right around the corner. To be ready for whatever comes next, Californians need to make wise water use a consistent way of life.

Why conserve water?

  1. Maintain a resilient water supply
    Climate change is leading to higher temperatures, reduced snowpack, and more frequent and severe droughts.
  2. Support healthy watersheds
    When we conserve, we have more water in our reservoirs and rivers to support countless species, including Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.
  3. Boost biodiversity
    Growing plants adapted to our local climate saves water, builds healthy soil, and provides food and habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies.
  4. Fight climate change 
    Saving water decreases the energy needed to pump, treat and heat water, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Keep costs low  
    Saving water is more cost-effective than building new or expanded infrastructure like dams and reservoirs.

How can you take small actions to make a big splash?

  1. Make every drop count 
    Strive to use 35 gallons or less each day by using only what you need.
  2. Be a super saver
    Household leaks can add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water each year. Fix dripping faucets and leaking toilets to save water and lower your bills.
  3. Improve indoor water efficiency 
    Install efficient showerheads and faucet aerators. Choose WaterSense and Energy Star-labeled washing machines, dishwashers and appliances whenever possible.
  4. Garden wisely 
    Let your garden bloom with local plants that thrive on little water. Place mulch around plants and trees to keep soil moist and healthy so you can water less.
  5. Spruce up your irrigation
    Check outdoor irrigation for leaking pipes. Install efficient sprinkler heads or drip systems. Turn off irrigation after it rains and during the cool winter months.

Have other recommendations? Let us know how you save water, and we may reach out to feature you in an upcoming Water Wednesday Webinar. Email your tips to waterconservation@ebmud.com.