Investing in the next century

As we celebrate EBMUD’s centennial, investments toward our next century of service are already underway.

At the heart of our system, a five-year, $325 million improvement project just launched at Orinda Water Treatment Plant. A new state-of-the-art, multi-barrier disinfection technology will prepare this vital facility for a more sustainable future and upgrade it to handle more diverse water sources and contend with climate change.

Built in 1935, this historic facility is the largest of six EBMUD water treatment plants and operates 24/7, year-round. It serves more than 800,000 of our 1.4 million water customers.

The additions of an ultraviolet disinfection facility and a chlorine contact basin will enhance the treatment process, maintain high water quality, and reduce the formation of disinfection byproducts. The project also includes replacement of the plant’s chemical system and storage systems for added safety and reliability, as well as upgrades and expansion of the plant’s backup power supply.

This major undertaking is just one example of your rate dollars at work.  In total, EBMUD has delivered $200 million in capital improvement projects over the past two years, including 53 miles of new pipeline installations, replacement of an aging water storage tank in Berkeley, and the development of a groundwater banking pilot project in San Joaquin County to expand water supplies during dry years. 

Nearly 40 more capital improvement projects are currently underway, with an additional 35 projects set for 2023-2024.

EBMUD understands the value of being a good neighbor. We make every effort to keep residents and businesses informed and engaged about our work – particularly how these investments benefit our community – through our website, postcards, public meetings, emails and social media posts.

EBMUD is proud to serve our diverse East Bay community, protect natural resources, and invest in the water and wastewater systems of the future. But we couldn’t do it without your support. Thank you for investing a century of trust in us.

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