Prepared and alert for emergencies

Droughts, wildfires and earthquakes – not to mention the occasional power outage, main break or construction project – can disrupt our lives. EBMUD is dedicated to providing safe and reliable water and wastewater services. That means we take important steps to be ready for emergencies, and we encourage you to be prepared too.

Vegetation Management

We manage our watersheds, facilities, and rights-of-way to reduce wildfire risk on EBMUD lands. At San Pablo Reservoir, for example, crews are removing hundreds of dead Monterey pines and maintaining fire breaks along arterial roadways. We are also coordinating with the Moraga-Orinda Fire District on the $6.4 million Tunnel East Bay Hills Fuel Break planned for 1,672 acres in and around the Upper San Leandro Reservoir watershed.

PSPS Preparations

If PG&E needs to turn off electricity during periods of high fire danger – known as a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) – our backup generators are in place to ensure critical EBMUD systems have power to keep water flowing and to treat wastewater to protect public health and San Francisco Bay. If there is a PSPS in your area, please suspend landscape watering and minimize indoor water use. Check our website for updates at

Keep Emergency Water at Home

To prepare for earthquakes, main breaks and construction projects that can disrupt water service, maintain an emergency water supply. We recommend one to two gallons per person per day for seven days – and don’t forget extra for pets! Visit

Subscribe to EBMUD Alerts

We’ve improved our communications with new emergency alerts. Stay informed by email or text about main breaks, upcoming construction, and PSPS events at any address in EBMUD’s service area. You don’t need an EBMUD billing account to be notified. Just set up an EBMUD ID, tell us the addresses you care about, and subscribe to receive alerts. Visit