New tools for a deepening drought

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It seems like drought is now the rule rather than the exception in California. As we move into another parched summer, you may be able to guess our request: Make every drop count.

Climate change is making drought a greater challenge than ever before, but EBMUD has new ways to help you save. Flowmeter devices, for example, send real-time water usage data to your computer or smartphone; alerts can let you know right away of a spike in use due to a new leak or a broken sprinkler. They are small and easy to install on your water meter. EBMUD offers rebates to offset their cost and expertise to assist you with questions.

EBMUD also provides rebates to replace your lawn with beautiful, drought-tolerant plants and to install efficient irrigation. We can help you audit your water use and check for costly leaks. Our water conservation experts hold virtual office hours, and we’re getting back out in the community as public health has stabilized.

Water conservation is essential. At the end of December, we measured 150 percent of average precipitation, thanks to a few substantial atmospheric rivers. But that was followed by the driest first three months of the year in EBMUD history, and our rain and snow season is over. Mother Nature will not refill our reservoirs this year. Instead, we are looking at next steps to preserve water supplies.

We recognize our customers’ long commitment to water-use efficiency, which has resulted in 46 million gallons per day of water saved since 1995. However, this year we’ve fallen short of our voluntary water-savings goals. Many of us turned on sprinklers and hoses earlier than usual because nature hasn’t watered our yards, parks, and gardens much since December. So, we’re asking everyone – residential customers, businesses, cities and schools – to keep working hard to conserve. We’re here to help you protect this most precious resource. Learn more at

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