This water year, resolve to conserve

Resolve to Conserve
September and October are among the warmest months in California, and they bring the transition from one water year into the next.

For planning purposes, water providers across the state monitor the natural water cycle on a 365-day calendar that begins October 1, the normal start of the wet season. After months of drought, we’re prepared to make a big move in the coming months in case the next water year is also dry.

EBMUD is planning to pull water from the Sacramento River for the second time in our nearly 100-year history using the Freeport Regional Water Facility. This $500-million investment is one of EBMUD’s most significant efforts to broaden our water supply portfolio. We first used these facilities during the 2014-16 drought.

While the current drought has the potential to be severe, EBMUD is in a strong position to weather the challenge. We’ll use recycled water, leak detection, supplemental water purchases and more to manage this dry spell. But we’ll need your help, too.

Conservation is the best way to make sure the water we have will last. If you haven’t yet, please check your faucets, toilets, and irrigation systems for leaks. Replace your thirsty landscape with drought-tolerant plants. And eliminate water waste. It’s time to flex our water-wise muscles and brace for whatever’s ahead. Find tips and resources at

Resolve nto Conserve