Essential Work Moves Ahead


EBMUD’s work is essential. On any given day, EBMUD is working on more than 100 capital projects to design, rebuild or extend the life of our aging infrastructure. These projects improve water quality and system reliability, ensuring that for generations to come, the East Bay will have excellent water and a clean, healthy San Francisco Bay.

During shelter-in-place, EBMUD continued to move forward on projects needed to operate, maintain and repair the District’s water delivery system, or to protect San Francisco Bay. All told, between November 2019 and April 2020, EBMUD reinvested more than $150 million worth of rate dollars into projects to improve the East Bay’s water and wastewater systems. EBMUD completed improvements to two water treatment plants, seven reservoirs and storage tanks, and five pumping plants. In six months, we installed nearly eight miles of pipes, and 10,000 devices that help prevent pipe corrosion. We also improved our digester (used to break down organic waste) and two interceptors for wastewater treatment.

The EBMUD system is vast: more than 4,200 miles of water pipelines, two reservoirs in the Sierra Nevada foothills and five in the East Bay, six water treatment plants, 164 neighborhood water storage tanks, and 135 pumping plants. EBMUD’s wastewater system encompasses 29 miles of sewer interceptors, 15 pumping plants, three wet weather facilities and the Main Wastewater Treatment Plant at the foot of the Bay Bridge. Improving this enormous infrastructure is a nonstop effort.

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