New Techniques to Find Leaks


The Bay Area is home to the most revolutionary technological advances in recent history — from smartphones and smart cars to social media and ride sharing services. Your water and wastewater agency is also leading the way.

Although EBMUD is nearing 100 years old, we haven’t slowed down with age. Here are some ways we’re using new technology to better serve you.

From Space

Satellites circling the planet collect information for agencies like the United States Geological Survey, and EBMUD is now using this data, too. Using a patented product, we’re looking for leaks in our water pipes based on soil moisture detected by satellites so we can repair our pipes before leaks surface. This is an emerging technology, and we’re working directly with our contractor to improve its accuracy.

On Earth

Innovative technologies make detective work easier. EBMUD uses sensitive devices to listen for leaks on pipes before they surface on the road. Using acoustics, or sound frequencies, we conduct leak detection automatically at night when background noise is the lowest and leaks are the loudest. Then, before we dig up leaky pipes, we use a host of devices and technology to pinpoint their exact location underground.

At Home

Tech gadgets for the home also have evolved. Now voice-controlled assistants can do everything from ordering groceries to unlocking the front door. What if technology could tell you your home plumbing is leaking? EBMUD now offers up to $200 rebates for devices that send you alerts on your home’s water use. You can see consumption to a fraction of a gallon so you always know how much water you’re using or if you have a leak.

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