How Your Bill Finances the Future


As a public, not-for-profit government agency, the EBMUD $2.3 billion budget protects the East Bay’s extensive water system that serves 1.4 million people, and a wastewater system that serves 685,000 people, every day.

Public Notice

EBMUD is proposing rate increases for its water and wastewater service charges over a two-year period starting on July 1, 2019 and July 1, 2020, respectively. If adopted, charges for water service would increase 6.5% in the first year and an additional 6.25% in the second year. If you are a property owner in the EBMUD service area, you will receive by mail a separate Proposition 218 notice explaining these proposed rates.

55¢ Infrastructure Improvements and Supplemental Water Supply
Cash funding and repayment of bonds for long-term investments in pipes, reservoirs, dams and other infrastructure.

29¢ Water Service
Storage, treatment and delivery of high-quality water; daily infrastructure maintenance; planning and engineering for future water needs.

7¢ Administration
Human resources, finance and information technology.

4¢ Customer Service
Meter reading, water conservation programs, public information, billing services and call center.

3¢ Natural Resource Management and Protections
Environmentally sound management of watershed lands, operation of public recreation facilities and fisheries programs.

2¢ Regulatory Compliance
Ensure EBMUD meets or surpasses all governmental regulations and required drinking water standards.

= $1 Total

A Surge in Infrastructure

$110 million:
By 2021, in Oakland, El Cerrito, Berkeley, Orinda and Lafayette, added crews will replace 20 miles of pipeline each year.

$110 million:
EBMUD will replace large water transmission pipes in the East Bay and will renew water aqueducts that bring water from the Sierra foothills, through the Delta, to the East Bay.

$170 million:
In El Sobrante, Oakland, Walnut Creek and Orinda, EBMUD will improve reliability and water quality by upgrading water treatment plants, pumping plants and local reservoirs.