Get inspired by the beauty of water-wise gardens

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It’s summer—the perfect time to plan for that new outdoor landscape so you can plant this fall. By planting in the fall, you allow seasonal rain to root your plants in the earth. Summer is also the time to maintain your already gorgeous garden!

Garden Image 2EBMUD offers a variety of resources to help you take your gardening prowess to new levels. Whether you’re working with a quarter-acre, a small lot, or even contributing to a community garden, has information for you.

Dig through our list of water-wise and native plants to pick the perfect flowers for your stoop, or take an evening stroll to gaze upon some choice gardens on our Sustainable Landscapes Map. Fruits and vegetables benefit most from unique planting schedules, so be sure to follow your crop’s wishes about when to transplant indoor seeds to outdoor gardens.

Next level gardening

Garden Image 1Get inspired by the winners of EBMUD’s I ♥︎ My Garden challenge. Like most of these champs, you too can use EBMUD’s Landscape Rebate Program, which pays you back for each square foot of lawn you remove. Connect with us ahead of planting for a variety of rebate programs to maximize your investment.

If your garden is in great shape, maintain it with watering best practices. Remember to irrigate before sunup to avoid evaporation. Check your irrigation system for leaks and blockages. Ensure your system sprays just your plants. And shore up your irrigation schedule so each variety receives the right amount of water.

See the full list of I ♥︎ My Garden contestants and winners at

The following outdoor watering restrictions remain in place to encourage wise water use:

  • Avoid irrigation system runoff onto streets, sidewalks and driveways;
  • Do not use water to wash a driveway unless necessary for public health;
  • Use only hoses with shut-off nozzles;
  • Turn off non-recirculating fountains.