Kudos to you! How customers made every drop count


Kudos to you! How customers made every drop count

A big THANK YOU to our East Bay customers for doing their best to save water. You have made wise water use a way of life, and embraced habits or installed changes that will last for years.

Amy Tessler of Oakland grew tired of looking at her brown lawn.

“It seemed like the right time to convert it to a drought-tolerant landscape. We got the rebate, which was a nice incentive. Our water bill has gone way down and our yard looks great. You look out the window and see flowers everywhere.”

Karen Giorgianni of Lafayette replaced her lawn with native or low-water-use plants.

“I wanted to do the right thing. What’s made an amazing difference is mulch. When I had lawn I could barely get a fork into it. Now, the soil is usually still damp underneath and I can put my trowel in, no problem.” 

Sean Venezia of Danville attacked water waste for “purely economic” reasons. He fixed leaks around the house and replaced what was once a large area of lawn with grapevines.

“Before, the sprinklers were going every other day. With the vines, I water with drip irrigation every two weeks. Once they are established, they will need even less water. The great thing about vines is we’ll get wine.”  

See how you can save water and cash in on money-saving rebates at ebmud.com/WaterSmart.