Fix your sewer pipe


Help save the Bay and save yourself the hassle of calling a plumber every time your toilet clogs. Fix or replace your sewer line today.

Most homes in the Bay Area were built decades ago and still have the original pipes that connect the home to the sewer line in the street. Over time, these private sewer laterals crack, which allows your sewage to seep out into the ground around your home and allows rain water to seep into the sewer system. Although these days it may seem as if it never rains, El Niño storms this winter could cause your cracked pipe to fill with water, tree roots and mud. Those things can clog your pipe and, farther down the line, can lead to sewage spills into the San Francisco Bay, polluting our ocean.

By law, you now must prove your sewer line is leak-free when you sell or remodel your home or when you change your water meter. But if you’ve had to call a plumber to come unclog your drains, that might mean your pipe is cracked. Fixing it now could save you the inconvenience and, in the long-run, the money it takes to repeatedly unclog your pipes. By fixing your private sewer lateral, you are doing your part to protect the Bay. A clean Bay begins with you.

Visit for more information on certifying that your sewer line is leak free.