Power shutoff impacts to water operations

Updated: 1:03 PM 10/30/2019 

EBMUD has restored traditional power supplies to its facilities on October 30, following Public Safety Power Shutoff activities. With backup generators and pumps stationed at critical facilities, the EBMUD water system delivered continuous water service with no interruptions or changes to water supplies, water quality or water pressure for customers in affected pressure zones. Customers may use water as they normally would.  

Update: Lafayette and San Pablo reservoirs and EBMUD trails will reopen October 30 at 4 p.m.  

LEGEND:Warning PSPS Initiated Icon Water pressure zone affected by power shutoff. If your address is in the yellow zone, your water supply will depend on backup power systems during the PSPS. Please minimize water use. | EBMUD Service Boundary icon EBMUD boundary

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What does a power shutoff mean for your water service?

A PSPS event could force EBMUD to switch to backup generators and pumps to power pumping plants, water treatment plants and other key facilities to keep water flowing, maintain storage and fire flow, and keep water distribution lines pressurized. 


What can you do?

Before a PSPS event:

  1. Make sure your contact information is updated with EBMUD and your local energy company.
  2. Store a minimum of two gallons of water per person per day, enough to last three to seven days, and don’t forget your pets. The more water you can store, the better.
  3. Identify your unique/critical water needs and plan ahead.
  4. Clear property of excess, dead and highly flammable vegetation. Trim grass and vegetation at least 30 feet around your home.
  5. If you have a backup generator, test it and ensure it’s ready to operate safely.

If you are affected by a PSPS event:

  1. Minimize water use during an event to leave as much water in the reservoirs as possible for firefighting.
  2. Shut off irrigation.
  3. Reduce indoor water use.
  4. Stay tuned; there will be ongoing updates available through social media, news media and on EBMUD’s website.

After a PSPS event:

  1. Restock your water supplies
  2. Prepare for the next PSPS event
  3. Reset your irrigation controller while resetting other electronics to prevent overwatering
  4. Check regularly for updates from EBMUD and PG&E

We will need public cooperation to ensure we maintain critical water supplies.

New releases and public notifications 


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