Taste a Difference? Local Reservoirs at Your Tap

EBMUD Adjusts Operations in Advance of Major Facility Upgrade

East Bay Municipal Utility District has adjusted water treatment operations to prepare for necessary upgrades to the Orinda Water Treatment Plant. Beginning September 1, EBMUD brought the San Pablo Water Treatment Plant in Kensington and the Upper San Leandro Water Treatment Plant in Oakland online. Both plants treat water from local Bay Area reservoirs (San Pablo and Upper San Leandro reservoirs respectively). These plants and reservoirs are critical local supplies should an earthquake or other disaster interrupt Mokelumne River supplies. 

Operational changes, especially when changes in source water occur, can affect the taste and smell of tap water. All delivered water continues to meet all state and federal water quality regulations. 

All day, every day. We’re at your tap!

EBMUD adjusts operations in response to customer water demand and to support facility maintenance. By November 1, all customers west of the Oakland hills will receive different source water. The Orinda Water Treatment Plant will be offline from November 2016 to April 2017. The San Pablo and Upper San Leandro plants will remain in service for the duration of the Orinda outage. 

Suite of water improvements

EBMUD delivers water to 1.4 million East Bay residents via six water treatment plants. This 24-hour per day, seven-day per week operation ensures high quality water for drinking, firefighting, sanitation and industry. 

In operation since 1935, the Orinda Water Treatment Plant is the work horse of EBMUD’s system. Improvement work includes upgrades to construct backup power systems, upgrade water treatment processes and improve treatment configurations to allow easier maintenance during plant operation.

For questions or concerns regarding water quality, call 1-866-403-2683 or visit ebmud.com/water-quality



Andrea Pook
Senior Public Information Representative