Statement on groundwater found at Encompass Academy - Acorn Elementary School Campus

Reports of groundwater contamination have no impact on drinking water, EBMUD water is safe to drink

Oakland Unified School District reports that recent environmental testing on the Encompass Academy - Acorn Woodland Elementary campus found two chemicals, PCE and benzene, in the soil vapor. These chemicals pose NO threat to drinking water on the campus nor in the surrounding community.

EBMUD does not use groundwater as a source of drinking water. All of EBMUD’s water comes from surface water supply like lakes and most is delivered to the East Bay from the Mokelumne River and Pardee Reservoir in the Sierra foothills. None of EBMUD’s water comes from groundwater. In addition, EBMUD’s pressurized water distribution system prevents contaminants in soil, including PCE, benzene, and other pollutants, from entering the drinking water. EBMUD continuously tests the drinking water and these compounds are not detectable. To learn more about EBMUD’s water quality, please visit