Wildcat Pumping Plant Project

Project details

PIC MAP EBMUD-Wildcat_Pumping_Plant_Proposed_Site_Plan-547.pngEast Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) is planning to construct a new pumping plant (Wildcat Pumping Plant) on EBMUD property at the intersection of Road 20 and El Portal Drive in San Pablo. The Wildcat Pumping Plant will replace the current portable pumps with a permanent pumping plant facility and supporting electrical equipment. The site will be expanded to the south to accommodate the new pumping plant building. The existing Road 20 Rate Control Station, located on the current site, will remain in operation.

The Wildcat Pumping Plant is being constructed to improve water service reliability to major portions of EBMUD’s service area serving customers from Oakland to Crockett. It will also be utilized when capital improvements are made to the Orinda Water Treatment Plant and the Claremont Tunnel, during a seismic emergency, as well as in the event of a drought to distribute treated Freeport water from the Sobrante Water Treatment Plant.

Workplan and schedule   

A virtual community meeting was held on January 26, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. where alternative architectural treatments for the new site were presented for community input. You can watch the meeting here and view the PowerPoint from the meeting below. 

The comment period for these designs is 30 (thirty) days, ending on February 25, 2021. Once architectural treatment options are finalized, the planning phase will continue with the preparation of a Mitigated Negative Declaration per the California Environmental Quality Act followed by design and then construction. Construction is anticipated to begin in approximately 2026.

Future community meetings will be held during the public review period of the Mitigated Negative Declaration and prior to the start of construction.


Project email for public comment: WildcatPP@ebmud.com

Sharla Sullivan, Community Affairs 
Email: Sharla.Sullivan@ebmud.com  
Phone: 510-287-7208   
For after-hours assistance, please contact: 1-866-403-2683

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