Wildcat Pipeline - El Cerrito

Wildcat El Cerrito Map

Wildcat El Cerrito Map

The Wildcat Pipeline Improvement, El Cerrito will install a 36-inch transmission line that will improve operational flexibility and water system reliability in the northern portion of EBMUD’s service area. Transmission pipelines are different from smaller distribution pipes that directly serve your neighborhoods, as they move large amounts of water between facilities such as treatment plants, pumping plants, and storage reservoirs. A total of 13,500 feet of 36-inch pipeline will be installed from the existing Wildcat Aqueduct connection on San Carlos Avenue at Lynn Avenue to Liberty Street at Hill Street in El Cerrito. 

Workplan schedule

Construction of the Wildcat Pipeline in El Cerrito was preceded by small-diameter pipeline relocations in 2022 and 2023 on the following streets:

Potholing to confirm the alignment of the 36-inch Wildcat pipeline took place in August and September 2023.

Installation of the 36-inch pipeline began in November 2023 and will extend through early 2025. Work hours for the Wildcat Pipeline are expected to be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Night work is not expected, but if required, the community will be notified in advance.


Richmond Street, Manila Ave to Gladys Ave.

Intersection of Richmond St and Waldo Ave

Ashbury Ave, Fairmount Ave to C St



Paving along Lynn St. near San Carlos.

Richmond Street, Gladys Ave to Blake St



Temporary loss of some street parking, temporary road closures, materials, equipment and crews accessing the site in phases. Through traffic will be maintained for residents and emergency vehicles. Your water service may be temporarily interrupted during the project. You will be notified in advance for planned service interruptions.

Updated: 04/05/2024



Initial community outreach took place in 2013 when the Draft Environmental Impact Report was published. Another community meeting was held virtually on October 12th, 2023. You can view the recording in the Published Studies and Other Resources section below. You will receive a door hanger notifying you of work in your vicinity approximately one week in advance.

Contact information

For more information see FAQs regarding this regional pipeline improvement project.

Community Affairs 
Email: construction-north@ebmud.com
Phone: 510-287-7208

After-hours, call EBMUD at 866-403-2683.

Contractors: For bid opportunities on EBMUD projects, see Business Opportunities.

Published Studies and Other Resources