West of Hills FAQs

Why the project is needed?

How was the proposed alignment selected?

What types of construction methods will be used for the new pipeline installation?

When would construction begin?

How long would the construction be in front of my house?

What are the hours of construction?

How will the construction affect the water service at my house or business?

Will I be able to access my home if the road is closed for construction?

Will emergency vehicles have access to the construction area?

Will construction affect bus routes?

Will the bicycle routes remain open? If not, will there be detour routes for bicyclists?

Will street parking be allowed?

Will excavated trenches be left open overnight?

How will street pavement be restored?

Where will the pipeline be located in the street?

How deep will the new pipeline be underneath the street?

How will EBMUD manage the risks from high pressure gas and petroleum product pipelines?

Does the project take into consideration the shallow groundwater table in the project areas?

Why not install the Wildcat Pipeline (El Cerrito) and the Central Pressure Zone Pipeline (El Cerrito/Richmond) in a single pipeline or a single trench?

How will the alternative alignments be addressed in the EIR?

What opportunities does the public have to comment during the EIR process?

Will the general public be given the opportunity to comment on the alignment alternatives? How will these comments be addressed?

Has there been coordination with other agencies to discuss their planned projects in the project areas?

How do I continue to learn about the progress of the project?