Flood inundation maps for EBMUD Mokelumne River reservoirs now available

OAKLAND – Inundation maps for EBMUD’s Pardee and Camanche reservoirs are now publicly available on the California Division of Safety of Dam’s (DSOD) website. The maps provide information about a hypothetical failure of a dam or its related structures, such as a spillway or outlet, to assist in emergency preparedness and planning.

As part of state regulations enacted following the Oroville Dam spillway failure in 2017, California dam owners are required to submit inundation maps showing potential flooding that could result from a dam failure. After the maps are approved, the state makes all inundation maps available to the public.

EBMUD’s dams have been evaluated and deemed safe for continued operation; failure of any EBMUD dam is extremely unlikely.

EBMUD relies on dams to store much of the water it supplies to customers, and regularly assesses, upgrades and improves its East Bay and Sierra foothills dams to ensure they are safe. EBMUD engineers monitor dams using instruments, monthly visual inspections, and periodic dam safety reviews to protect the public, prevent personal injury, and prevent property damage from dam failures. The safety of each dam is continually reevaluated with advances in geotechnical, structural and earthquake engineering. Regulatory agencies also perform independent annual dam inspections.

The California Division of Safety of Dams is responsible for protecting people and property from dam failure. Of EBMUD’s 26 dams, 20 are regulated by the California DSOD and Pardee Dam and Camanche Dam are jointly regulated by the state and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. EBMUD has now updated, and DSOD has approved, the inundation maps for all of EBMUD’s DSOD-regulated dams. The Mokelumne River dam maps, available now, follow the posting of the EBMUD local East Bay inundation maps, which were made available in February 2020. These maps are available on the DSOD website: https://fmds.water.ca.gov/maps/damim/

To learn about EBMUD’s Dam Safety Program, visit: www.ebmud.com/damsafety


The East Bay Municipal Utility District has a proud history of providing high-quality drinking
water for 1.4 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. EBMUD’s
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