Emergency Succession Plan for EBMUD Board supports business continuity

Standby officers confirmed for 2019

Oakland, CA –East Bay Municipal Utility District provides critical water and wastewater services to 1.4 million customers in the East Bay. To ensure continuous leadership during any local or state emergency, the Board of Directors confirmed standby officers for each of EBMUD’s seven wards.

The Board of Directors has the critical task of setting policies and authorizing staff actions to support District operations. The Emergency Succession Plan was created to safeguard EBMUD against unplanned and unexpected board member absences in an emergency.

“We live in an area crisscrossed by earthquake faults – a constant reminder that we need to be prepared,” said Ward 2 Director John A. Coleman. “Water is a lifeline. If one of our Board members is unavailable to serve in the event of an emergency, we have alternate plans in place to keep this agency functioning, for the good of our community.”

The standby officers: must be over 18 years of age and a California resident; may not be a current EBMUD employee; and may not have conflicts of interest or financial interest in any company or agency that has a contract with the EBMUD during their term of service. Following an emergency as defined by the California Emergency Services Act, a standby officer will represent EBMUD and its interests until the elected board member becomes available, or until a new board member is elected or appointed. In priority order, the standby officers for EBMUD Board of Directors for 2019 are:

Ward 1 (Director Lesa R. McIntosh): Celia McCoy, Linda Jackson-Whitmore, Lynelle Lewis

Ward 2 (Director John A. Coleman): Dennis Diemer, Carol Rowley, Robert Dean

Ward 3 (Director Marguerite Young): Jennifer Jackson, Peter Vorster, Randele Kanouse

Ward 4 (Director Andy Katz): Helen Burke, Margo Schueler, Ronald M. Stork

Ward 5 (Director Doug Linney): Heinrich Albert, James Prola

Ward 6 (Director William B. Patterson): Robert Harris, Jose Guzman, Kevin S. Blackburn

Ward 7 (Director Frank Mellon): Calvin Sakamoto, Gene Ashford Jr., Gregory Chan

EBMUD has a proud history of providing high-quality drinking water for 1.4 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The District’s wastewater treatment serves 685,000 customers and protects the San Francisco Bay.